Load an SVN repo to a git repo with history

September 28, 2010 by
  1. git config --global user.name "<your full name>"
  2. git config --global user.email "<your email@domain.com>"
  3. git config --global push.default tracking
  4. git config --global color.ui auto
  5. git config --global diff.mnemonicprefix true
  6. git config --global core.pager less
  7. git config –global branch.autosetupmerge = true
  8. git config –global alias.ci = commit
  9. git config –global alias.co = checkout
  10. git config –global alias.st = status
  11. git config –global alias.lg = log –name-status –decorate
  12. git config –global alias.df = diff –word-diff
  13. create a ~/svnusers.txt file
    • username1 = First1 Last1 <fLast@domain.com>
    • username2 = First2 Last2 <fLast2@domain.com
  14. mkdir proj/projname_TMP
  15. cd proj/projname_TMP
  16. git-svn init http://svnrepo.url
  17. git config svn.authorsfile ~/svnusers.txt
  18. git svn fetch
  19. git svn rebase
  20. git gc
  21. cd ..
  22. mkdir projname
  23. git clone projname_TMP projname
  24. cd projname
  25. git remote add origin username@domain.com:proj_repo.git
  26. git config branch.master.remote origin
  27. git config branch.master.merge refs/heads/master


  • Empty directories are not recorded in Git, you must createa  token (even empty) file
  • svn:ignore is not available in git, instead you need to use .gitignore

Eclipse Subversion Integration

March 14, 2010 by

There are two major eclipse plugins for SVN:

Subversive and Subclipse.  I’ev had better luck finding compatible plugins with Subclipse which is made by the same project hosting organization ans subversion itself.  Install it by adding this to your update site:


Read more about it at http://subclipse.tigris.org/

Eclipse Maven Plugin

March 14, 2010 by

I’ve experimented with two plugins for Maven support on Eclipse.

IAM Eclipse was my first try.  At first I liked it, but things like comments in the POM wreak havoc in the GUI configurator.  You can find it here:


To install ( http://code.google.com/p/q4e/wiki/Installation ) it add this to your update sites:


Sonatype has m2eclipse which worked much better for me.  It had much better configuration options, and was a little more forgiving.  Add these to your update sites:


– and –


For more information check out:



New baby – pacifier

July 10, 2009 by

These are actually the only type of pacifier our youngest will tolerate. He is the only of our three kids who has insisted on a pacifier. He gets really upset about any of the ortho-shaped pacifiers. Our pediatrician has suggested that they may be too long and are gagging baby. Our pediatrician doesn’t have a problem with pacifiers. He’s more supportive of it than we are. But this baby just really needs something to suck all the time.

New Baby @TODOs

July 1, 2009 by

Having your first baby can be a daunting experience.   Here are some things that have made our lives easier:

To Buy before delivery & misc tips

  • It’s often cheaper to order stuff online with time for shipping rather than run out to the pharmacist/store, so buy stuff early rather than doing it later
  • To help baby’s brain development mom should take prenatal vitamins and lots of fish oil. Take these the whole time baby is “incubating” and is being breast fed.
  • Mom will need nursing bras (even before baby arrives) to help support all that extra cleavage while sleeping at night. A bra in bed can be a real drag (especially for moms like me who are accustomed to being flat-chested) so it better be comfortable. For me, this is the only nursing bra.  This bra is unpadded. Some moms leak after let down. If this is the case mom will need a supply of breast pads. I like cotton breast pads but I tend to soak through them pretty quickly so I use the brand I linked to above when I need to be sure I’m not leaking through my clothes (this is not an issue until after baby arrives and breast feeding is in full swing).
  • Be sure to have at least one container of infant formula even if you plan to breast feed & pump. This can go a long way toward relieving anxiety mom may feel about her milk supply.
  • Unless you plan on spending the first 365 days with baby (breastfeeding for a year is a good amount) you will need a mechanical pump. The manual ones are not time effective.
  • These are handy diapers for the first 2 weeks while you’re keeping track of how often baby pees and waiting for the umbilical cord stump to come off. The diapers have a little indentation in front to fit under baby’s umbilical cord stump. But most helpful is the pee indicator strip to let you know if there’s a pee in the diaper which can be hard to tell at first. You’ll need a diaper every 2 or 3 hours at first, but if you have a 9 pound baby these won’t fit for long so don’t buy too many. This is one of those things you might want to buy as you go. Once you’re no longer keeping track of pees just use the cheapest diapers you can find. We like the Target brand.
  • Exclusively breast-fed babies really don’t get diaper rash. But if you’re noticing some redness the best thing for a newborn is diaper-free time. Just let baby lie for a while, without wearing a diaper, on a few cloth diapers. She may pee or poo during diaper-free time, just clean it up and give her a fresh mat to lie on. Definitely once you start introducing first foods (we start foods at six months or later) you will need diaper cream (this brand has been the best for us).
  • New breast feeding mothers initially have very sore nipples. This should last only a week or two, depending on how frequently you’re breastfeeding (more frequent feeding will get your nipples used to the routine more quickly).  Breast cream can be helpful but you really aren’t going to need much at all so if you get free samples that should be sufficient. A touch of lanolin and a couple of acetaminophen or ibuprophen can be life savers until you get past the first week or so of tenderness. Another soothing trick for generally painful breasts even before nursing are cold cabbage leaves. Just tuck the cold leaves into your bra for a nice soother.
  • Mom will probably need heavy flow pads after delivery (no tampons for 6 weeks after delivery). These may be necessary for three or four weeks.
  • Baby bottoms are far too sensitive for wipes early on.  You might want to start with VERY SOFT paper towels and a spray bottle. This comes in handy even later on for your toddler with diaper rash, wipes sting a bottom with rash. Keep those wipes handy though,  even with the newborn, for cleaning up explosive poo from everything other than baby’s bottom.
  • A cosleeper is a wonderful thing, don’t forget to get extra sheets and if you have a normal sized adult bed get the leg extension kit which should have been part of the cosleeper in the first place.  It’s easy for mom to roll to her side to get baby for feedings. After feeding, if your baby is one of those who needs constant oral sating, it is easy for mom to reach over to give baby the pacifier until he goes to sleep.  This is FAR easier than something that involves getting out of bed for feedings. We tried one of those contraptions that you put in the bed with you to keep the baby safe in a family bed. It took up too much space and was very uncomfortable for both mom and dad. We found there is just nothing as restful as having mom and dad in their own bed and baby in her own bed right next to us. Also, having baby in a cosleeper makes transitioning her to her own bed in another room pretty much a non-issue.
  • Have a fast camera recharged and have plenty of memory (film?).  A compact camera is a good idea too.
  • You’ll need a few feeding sets and some storage bottles (better than the bags, since you can just take them out of the freezer and use them).  The one thing I haven’t found are the ability to buy the collars separately, if anybody finds these, please let me know.  Just a note, the bottle/pump systems are incompatible, so once you choose a brand, you pretty much have to stick with it.
  • You’ll need a lot of infant outfits.  One thing that I really liked to make nighttime changes easiest were gown type outfits.
  • We really tried to avoid giving our children pacifiers, but sometimes it’s necessary (like on flights) and some infants really need something to suck on ALL the time.   And momma should not be used as a pacifier.  So it’s a good idea to buy some pacifiers (you will lose a lot of them).  Make sure they are BPA free particularly for infants
  • If you have any old infant toys you intend to use, or are gifted opened toys, or have anything from china for the baby you might want to get lead test kits to check them.
  • Potentially a luxury item, but something to keep parents and baby from getting sick is a UV wand, just don’t use it on skin.
  • You’ll want burp cloths to keep baby spit up off of you when you burp the baby (potentially multiple times during and after a feeding).
  • Resist the urge to buy fancy clothes for baby.  You’ll probably get them as gifts anyway and baby will potentially be too big before you even get a chance to unwrap them.
  • The secondhand stores are a great source for baby clothing & furniture if you need it (just check for lead if the baby is going to be in it unsupervised)
  • A good baby monitor will go a long way toward helping you keep your sanity.  Not just that it will allow you to move around in your space, but the lack of static (common with cheap monitors) will provide some much needed peace.
  • One of these rockers is a wise purchase.  We put our baby in it during dinner time and during clean up time when he’s awake.
  • Be sure to have a working HVAC system and plenty of blankets.  A humidifier is a good idea if you think you’re going to have to use the forced heat often.
  • Buy Infant’s Ibuprofen and Infant’s Acetaminophen drops. Use only as directed by your Pediatrician.
  • Get a sling. I bought one for each new baby. I like the long-adjustable size which is a hybrid of the regular and the long sizes. It’s better then a regular or a long because it has shorter padded edges which make it adjustable to fit an infant and a longer tail which better accommodates larger kids and is also handy as extra fabric to cover up when breast feeding a newborn. My two year old still loves to be held in the sling. It is also the ultimate way to comfort a fussy infant as well as a great way to reconnect with your abs once the baby is out.


  • There is really no rush to prepare a room for baby.  It’s easiest to keep baby in the room with mom for the first 3 or 4 months.
  • If you’re planning on trying an all natural birth get a doula.  I love my doula. We had three all natural births thanks to Margie.
  • Remind your wife that she’s beautiful because she has doubts at this time.  This should be easy because her breasts are larger than normal, her skin is particularly soft, and if she wants the baby out, making love is a good way to naturally encourage that to happen.
  • Get a birth ball. It’s great to bounce on to get baby to come down into good birthing position. It’s also very effective for calming a fussy baby. I hold baby snugly against my body in his sling while I bounce on the ball.
  • Read a book. You are about to give away all of your personal time.
  • Ask your doctor about taking evening primrose oil which helps ripen the cervix. You can also break open the capsules and squeeze the oil right onto your cervix.
  • Bouncing on the ball is a good way to open up and relax your pelvis.
  • Once you’ve gotten to 38 weeks pregnant and baby is still in there you’ve got every reason to want to help him come out as soon as possible. If you feel like you want to expedite things, vacuum the house.  Have sex. It releases hormones that get labor started and ease labor pain. Walk up and down stairs (use the hand rail, you’re a bit unbalanced and clumsy at 38 weeks). Have sex. Use your breast pump, nipple stimulation causes hormones to be released that help get labor going. Have sex. Ask your doctor to strip your membranes and repeat all of the above. Have a warm bath with lavender essential oil in it (also a great way to deal with early labor).
  • Read another book. There really is no hurry.
  • Being 40 weeks pregnant is easier than being one day post-partum.

During Birth

  • Don’t rush to the hospital. You have plenty of time. Don’t forget the camera. Be sure you haven’t left the burner on under the tea kettle. You have plenty of time. You really do. Finish the laundry.
  • Make sure that the contractions are close enough and strong enough to warrant going in to the hospital.  It’s far more comfortable to be home than at the hospital. Unless mom is having an epidural there is nothing that is going to happen at the hospital that will make mom more comfortable than she would be at home. Actually everything that happens at the hospital is just plain irritating when you’re in labor.
  • The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has some great advice 1. Don’t Panic 2. “Know where your towel is”
  • Your wife is going to be very concerned because the changes to her body are coming to a crescendo, so you need to be the voice of calm and control “Don’t Panic“.
  • You need to go to the hospital if your wife’s water breaks, and it could break at any time.  So “Know where your towel is” and make sure she’s sitting on it in the car before it breaks.
  • Don’t wear anything that your wife would take offense to.  This includes colognes, shoes, glasses, certain colors, etc… Don’t eat anything that will make your breath offensive to your wife while she is birthing the baby. Have breath mints handy. If you have a shirt that your wife particularly likes, wear that. If you have a jacket your wife likes to borrow bring it to the hospital or offer it to her as you’re leaving for the hospital.
  • Rub her lower back, unless she says she doesn’t want you to.
  • Say nice things to her, about her now, about the baby on the way, and about your family further out.
  • Have plenty of ice chips available (ask the doctor if it’s okay).
  • Don’t let the doctor rush you into inducing.  The only valid reasons are if there is a complication with the baby or the mother. Don’t let them scare you into inducing early, the ultrasound tech could be wrong about baby’s weight.
  • While your wife is laboring don’t say anything stupid. She will remember anything you say at this time for a very long time so be careful with your words.

After Delivery

  • Tell your wife you love her.
  • Take pictures. You really can’t overdo it.
  • Once you get past the first week of watching for every pee and poo, you don’t need to change the diaper for every pee.  Change it when it’s a poo or the diaper is so full that the next poo or pee will leak out. Disposables keep baby dry even when they’re rather full.
  • I personally think waking the baby up for feeding is a bad idea, but some people condone waking the baby every four hours for feedings/diaper changes.
  • I personally think that keeping the baby up during the day to try to normalize sleeping habits is a bad idea.  This is a critical time for brain development, so let baby get as much sleep as she wants as often as she wants, because that’s when most of it happens.
  • Baby doesn’t need anything for sustenance other than mother’s milk.  However, until mom’s milk comes in baby might need to take formula. Each occurrence of formula should only be given after mom tries first to breast feed on each side to encourage the milk to come in.  Once mom’s milk comes in avoid using formula, because mom’s milk supply will decrease, or mom’s breasts may engorge which is painful and far worse than sore nipples.
  • Pets add complication when you have an infant.  Dander, disease, and pet envy being the primary concerns.  Besides, you wont want an additional unnecessary responsbility.
  • When my first child was born, every time she woke up I (the dad) would get up and check baby’s diaper. Then my wife would nurse her back to sleep.  This order is important because the diaper change aggravates the baby and the nursing calms the baby.  For the second child it was better for me to stay asleep so at least I had enough rest to have basic sanity to take care of the first child.
  • I think that having both parents wake up for every feeding (past week two) is a bad idea (even with one child) since you will have two grumpy parents.  It’s up to you two to figure out what works best for you.
  • If you do go the route where dad sleeps through the night, understand that it’s up to dad to take care of things like bills, laundry, groceries, dinner, cleanup, etc for a few weeks so mom can get enough sleep. A tired mom is a very grumpy, unhappy mom and that isn’t good for mom, baby or for dad.
  • Dad needs to entertain the infant to let mommy take some time in the bathroom.   Mommy will also spend more time in the bathroom than normal and do it more frequently.
  • Mom will need some time to herself. Once breastfeeding is established,  Dad should be prepared to give formula or pumped milk to baby while mom takes a break, gets out of the house for a little while, or just sleeps if that’s what she needs.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Ask for help from friends and family.
  • When baby cries these are the usual suspects: 1. Temperature 2. Hunger/Thirst 3. Pain 4. Tiredness 5. Boredom.  Baby may be too warm, remove his hat or a layer. Or too cold, check that his hands and feet are not cold. Avoid sunlight on his face, particularly in the car. If baby is rooting feed him. If baby is avoiding looking at you he may be tired. Wrap him and snuggle him to help him sleep. He may also need a pacifier to fall asleep. I’ve found that baby really doesn’t care at all that his diaper needs changing. Be sure nothing is pinching or sticking baby. After four weeks baby begins to need more stimulation. Baby loves to look at contrast and motion and especially the expressions on your face. Baby also loves your touch and the feeling of your skin against his. Baby loves the feeling of your hands on his head.
  • No pillows, heavy blankets or soft mattresses for the baby to sleep on for a while, and they need to be on their back unless you are supervising them doing belly/neck excersizes (to help them crawl later on)
  • When baby is upset swaddle him (you can do the same thing with a normal baby blanket just without the bow) and “shhhhhhh” the baby.  They also like the vibrating action of the rocker mentioned above. Swaddle baby, hold him on his side, sway him gently side to side and shhhh into his ear as loudly as he is crying. For dad, be sure to hold baby away from your chest so that he is not in breastfeeding position. It is easier to do this sitting down, with your knees together you may rest baby on your legs while cradling his head in your hands. Baby may insist on having a pacifier while you are doing this. Be calm and patient.
  • If you are tired it is much more difficult to be patient so be sure you are sleeping when baby is sleeping.
  • Breastfed babies have very liquid, bright yellow poo. It is a good idea to keep baby’s bottom pointed down on the changing pad. You really don’t have to have a close-up look to do a good job cleaning baby’s bottom. Lifting baby’s bottom up in the air while wiping is like aiming a squirt gun, be sure you really mean it. Also, when you hear baby explode a poo into her diaper don’t rush off immediately to change her. Give it a 5 min rest to be sure she is finished before unwrapping her.
  • It is not uncommon that a newborn will have an episode of airway congestion. It sounds like gagging and baby looks like he is very suddenly not able to breathe.  This can be alarming for mom and dad but it is probably simple to alleviate. Take baby into the bathroom and turn the shower on full hot water to get a good steam going. Close the bathroom door and create a warm, very humid environment.  If baby is not breathing easily in a minute or two call the pediatrician but it is likely this will do the trick.

McCain & Obama, Republicans and Democrats

October 16, 2008 by

I’m getting really frustrated by the misinformation about the democratic and republican candidates for president.

Obama is NOT an Arab, and if he was it shouldn’t matter.

Obama is NOT a Muslim, and if he was it shouldn’t matter.

McCain didn’t make any of those accusations, and he refuted them whenever he heard them.

9/11 could have been prevented during Clinton’s term:  http://www.nationalreview.com/interrogatory/interrogatory091103b.asp

One of the most significant seeds of the current economic crises was planted because of Clinton’s administration’s policy please follow the link to the 1999 New York Times article

Bill Clinton would have chosen to go to war too

Hello world!

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